About Us

About Us

One of the greatest challenges in company creation is the standstill in the pre-launch phase of a startup – many teams are formed and many ideas developed at hackathons, but these mostly die out with the end of the event. This means even the teams that have developed solid ideas tend to fail as they lack the skills and support needed to make it to the commitment phase. This calls for a link that would pick up promising teams and support them in team-building and commitment.

As a response, the EstLat-Accelerate project seeks to tackle these early-phase challenges by introducing a new approach in the region – pre-acceleration. Pre-acceleration programmes are usually designed to support (first-time) entrepreneurs with new ideas who are gearing up to join a full-time acceleration programme or to find other forms of seed investment, but are just not yet ready for it. As such, pre-acceleration programmes focus on the pre-seed stage, taking people from having an initial idea to having a fully formed and committed team and raising the quality of their startups (and thus their chances of survival).

Our Objectives

Offering startups a hands-on learning program coupled with 1-on-1 coaching from startup mentors and experienced entrepreneurs

Helping very early stage startup teams getting to the acceleration phase

Encouraging the creation of cross-border startups that have diverse skills and high internationalisation ambitions

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