Pre-event for Garage48 Hardware & Arts Riga

Are you interested in Startups, Building cool stuff, developing your ideas and making new friends?

Come over to the pre-hackathon event to find out more about hackathon, meet participants and mentors, as well as brainstorm and pitch your ideas. We will make sure that after the pre-event you will be ready to rock at the Garage48 Hardware&Arts Riga hackathon.

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Agenda, 26th September, TechHub Riga

16:00 Intro of the day and what is H&A hackathon?

16:10 Sharing participants in groups

16:15 Discussion and development of ideas (group work with mentors)

17:15 Talking about ideas

17:45 How to present? – pitch training, theory

18:00 Break

18:15 90 second presentation of ideas and feedback

19:15 Summary of the day


About Garage48 Hardware & Arts

Garage48 Hardware & Arts is a physical prototyping hackathon for makers and creators! It is welcoming participants with a wide-ranging skillsets: product designers, UI / UX designers, electronics engineers, mechanics engineers, server programmers, mobile or web apps developers, marketers or researchers are all welcome! The goal of the prototyping hackathon is to bring ideas into reality within an intense 48 hour time frame! The teams will get to use lots of equipment and materials that will enable them to build their prototypes. Additionally, there are mentors helping the teams out with numerous questions and problems that they may face during the creation process

Garage48 Hardware & Arts Riga is co-organised by Garage48, TechHub Riga and hosted by RTU Design Factory. The hackathon is happening for the first time ever in Riga, while being already the sixth in line for Garage48. “Hardware & Arts hackathons by Garage48 stand out in this respect as an class on its own, and bringing it to Latvia marks a whole new era in recognition of Riga as a true hub of engineering talent and design inspiration,” said Viesturs Sosārs, the Co-founder of TechHub Riga, of this joint initiative.

The registration for the hackathon is open for everyone HERE.

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